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Every day, over 1,000 vehicles park in one of our center’s 220 parking spaces. And similar to the shopping experience in our center, in our parking garage we also offer a well-lit, safe, clean, and clearly laid out parking experience.


  • 1st hour €1.00
  • 2st hour €1.00
  • 3st hour €1.50
  • Each additional hour (or part thereof): €2.00
  • Maximum daily rate: €20.00
  • Lost parking ticket: €20.00

with the prepaid parking card.

* You receive a bonus of 10% of the credit you add to the card.
For example, if you add €20.00 of credit, you’ll receive a bonus of €2.00. This means you will have €22 of credit on your card for parking.

Charge your parking fee to the card at the pay machine – that way you’ll a long enough grace period to leave the parking garage.